Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beautiful French Dresser

It's finally done!! We found this dresser on Craigslist for a steal!! It had a few minor (or major - however you look at it) boo boos that needed to be fixed. But this one was a beauty and I had to have it!! So we brought it home and got started! If I am completely honest, I have to tell you that Ben did most of the work on this piece. He is REALLY good at this. Who knew??? Anyway, he fixed the broken foot and the broken edge as if he has been doing this for years! I unfortunately, did not take any close up pictures of those areas after he fixed them. But trust me, you could not even tell that they had been broken. Like I said before...he is really good at this! Anyway...then we sanded it down, primed it, and then painted it a warm cream color.
Next came the "roughing up" and staining. We decided to leave the hardware exactly as it was. I loved the rusted grates in the doors!! So pretty!! Anyway, here is the finished product!! I think it turned out great!! And our client was very happy with it too!! That's what really matters!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

So many little time

I just can't stop!!!! We have gotten so many new pieces over the last week or so. I am attaching pictures so you can get as excited as we are about these pieces!! Check it...
There are a couple more that I can't figure out how to get to. I am somewhat computer retarded. Especially on this MAC. I am used to a PC. HELP!!! When Ben wakes up, I will get him to help me post the rest! Have a good one!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Pretty Dresser and Headboard

Here are some pics of the new dresser and headboard that are posted for sale.

More to come later!! Have a great day!! We are off to Ty's school carnival today!! Yippee! Did you detect a bit of sarcasm in there???

Monday, April 5, 2010

We have been very busy!!

We have been very busy around here! I have had a 4 day weekend off of work and we are making good use of the time! We sold a lovely cream dresser! Yeah! Here are some before and after pictures..We also sold an awesome custom bulletin board! It turned out so good! Here are some pics..And here are some things that we hope to have done and ready to post by end of the day on Wednesday.
#1 Queen size headboard - will have new finials and will be painted a soft creamy white. Beautiful!
#2 A large dresser that would look great in a bedroom or a dining room! The 2nd picture is of the doors that go over the middle column of drawers. I love the detail! It will also be painted a soft creamy white and then distressed! I can't wait to see how it turns out!!
#3 Children's table and chairs - SO CUTE!!! The table is a drop leaf table!! I love that extra detail!
#4 BEAUTIFUL French style dresser or buffet - This one is amazing! Like I said earlier, we have been working hard!! I am hoping to have all of these things posted by Wednesday (expect for #4). We shall see!! If you see anything that you are interested in, let me know!!! Thanks guys!!

Also - we need a favor. I know that I am not very good about updating the blog on a regular basis, but I am working on that! However, I need FOLLOWERS so that we can build this business! So please spread the word to your friends and ask (beg) them to become check us out and become followers! Thanks!!