Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Round Top

Hey Guys!! Well...our stay at Round Top was a little shorter than I had hoped, but overall I think that it went really well for the 3-4 days that our stuff was for sale! It was definitely a great learning experience! I learned a lot about pricing, what types of items sell, and about the prep time needed for something like this! Here are some pictures of the whole experience...

Bread box, old books, wire bust, and others...

Bird stencils, tin planters, and distressed finial...
Decorative pieces...
This is a picture of our mini-van all loaded up to head up there.
This is a full shot of the whole booth. I loved how perfectly my small pieces coordinated with Jannet's furniture pieces!! It all looked so pretty together!

Pearl Chandelier still for sale!!
Framed Monograms were popular!!  Let me know if you want one!!
Stenciled # Basket still for sale!
Front of booth - Super cool Clock Arms and Industrial light fixture are still for sale!!
Pretty pink bird stencil - Sold!

Chalkboards were hot items!  3 tiered basket stand and white iron hooks are still for sale.

If you see anything you like, check with me to see if it is still available!!  We had a lot of stuff not sell!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Pretty Dresser Makeover

Hello again!!! I also wanted to show you a dresser make-over that we recently finished. I bought this dresser on the short buying trip that my mom, Emery, and I took this summer. Here is a picture of the back of my parent's SUV on like the 2nd day of the trip.

We had to strap a table to the roof!!! Needless to say, it was a successful trip!

Anyway, I knew when I saw this dresser buried under a pile of junk (real junk) that it would be fabulous when it was made over!! Here is the before picture...

I loved the detail!! So we brought it home, cleaned it up and got to work!! Here is the finished product...
Let me know what you think!!!

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2 Exciting Opportunities!!!

Hey Guys!!! We have been busy, busy, busy here at Saving Grace!!! And I have two very exciting opportunities to tell you about!!!

#1 - Jannet over at Simple Matters has asked me to help her out with her booth at Round Top!!! I am soooo excited and so honored!! If you have not seen her beautiful furniture, you should go check out her blog or website (look in blog roll). She has asked me to help with the home decor type items. I have had a million projects laying around the house for months now so this has put a fire under me to get them done. And while it is exhausting and stressful, I am having so much fun!! I work full time, so I am only able to work on them in the evenings and on weekends. I will post pictures of some of the projects very soon.

#2 - We are going to have our furniture and some home decor pieces in a store in Old Town Spring!!! I am sooooo excited about this new shop. It's called The Pink Chandelier and it opens next Saturday, the 18th. It is on Keith St. You HAVE to come check it out! It is owned by a really sweet young lady named Jeanne. I am soooo excited!!!

Here are some pictures of a gorgeous that we recently painted for a client. It was a beautiful dresser to start with, but I love how it turned out in the grey!! So pretty!!