Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cute Signs?

Okay, so I finally attempted to make some signs!  Well...I made them several weeks ago, but things have been so crazy around here that I have not had time to blog about them.  I had been wanting to make some signs for a while, but was sort of afraid to try them.  I kept seeing super cute ones all over blogland, but I especially like Miss Mustard Seed's signs!  I read her tutorial on how to make signs HERE.  She is amazingly talented!  I, however,  am not AT ALL good at free hand painting (including words) so I was going to "borrow" an overhead projector from my school, but kept forgetting to bring it home (I am so ADD - seriously!).  So I couldn't figure out the best way to go about it.  Then I read somewhere about using a pencil to transfer words to your piece.  So I tried it, and wouldn't you was super easy! A little tiring for your hand, but really easy!  The first sign that I made was for our sale in Old Town Spring.  I think it turned out really cute!  Sorry this isn't the greatest picture!

I used an old cabinet door that a friend gave me and I simply printed out the word "Believe" in a font that I liked.  Then I turned the word over and used a pencil to darkly trace the reverse side of the word.  Then I flipped it back over and used my pencil to scribble over the whole word which transferred the word on to the cabinet door.  Make sense?  I did the same thing with the star.  For the Santa face, I took a stencil of Santa's face and traced the outline on to the cabinet door.  Then I free handed the rest!  Once I had everything on the door, I used my sander with 220 grit paper to very lightly sand over the whole thing.  This distressed the white paint on the door as well as the letters and picture.  It gave it an aged look.  I was very pleased with how it turned out.  

So... since that one turned out okay, I decided to try a couple of others.  I made on for my parents for Christmas out of a smaller cabinet door.  I used the same technique to put their name on it, and then added some antique hardware to the sides.

The last one that I made was for my husband's aunt and uncle for Christmas.  Their last name is Weston, so I decided to create a Bed and Breakfast sign for their home.  I really like this one...

I know the pictures are not very good.  Sorry about that.  I have several ideas for more signs, and now that I know it's not that hard, hopefully I will make some more!!  Let me know what you think!  I can use some pointers!!  What signs have you made??

In Him,