Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Not very good at this blogging thing

Okay, so at least I warned you in my first post that I am not good at journaling! As I sit here, trying to think of something meaningful to type, my mind is basically blank. I know that will probably not shock some of you! Some of if there are so many people reading this!! :) I am excited about the fact that I actually have 9 followers!! Does it count if 1 of them is my husband and 3 or 4 others are my closest friends??? Speaking of...I have the best husband and friends in the world!! Thank you guys for being so supportive!

We are working on a really cute dresser right now. I have a smaller dresser that matches and might sell them as a set. I am so excited about how they are looking! It has been a lot more work than I realized it would be when I bought it. I am learning a lot of lessons!! But I really think it is going to turn out great thanks to my wonderful husband! Who knew he was so crafty??!!

Check back in a few days and I will post pictures of the cute dresser!! Thanks for checking in! Love you guys!!

Oh - I created an account on Facebook for Saving Grace, so look for us!