Sunday, June 20, 2010

Junking Treasures

Hey Guys!! I want to start by saying THANK YOU to All Things Thrifty for featuring our chair makeover! I feel so honored!! And hello and thanks to those of you that have joined us in the last few days!! We are so excited!!

Okay, so I thought that I would show you guys some of my favorite junking treasures that I have found over the years. I thought this would be an easy (quick) post to write, but once I started looking around the house for my favorites, I got a little overwhelmed!! There are so many!! See, I believe in filling your home with things that you love...even if they don't necessarily fit the traditional decorating rules. So, I am going to show you a few (probably way too many!) of the things that I love. All of things were found at garage sales, flea markets, or resale shops. Gotta love junking!!!

I got this platter at a Paris Flea market!!!! I think it cost me $9, which honestly is probably more than I would pay for something like this, but come's from Paris!!! I had to be able to say that I have something in my house from a Paris Flea market!! It does help to remind me of a very special trip with my parents!!This thing was a HUGE score at a garage sale that I just happen to pass one day. The guy said that his wife had left him so he was selling all of her things for dirt cheap. I actually had to make two trips between home and the sale to get everything home. Is that wrong???

I got this stained glass window at a thrift shop in Livingston, Tx. It is very old and in rough shape, but I just love the color of blue on the frame. This picture does not show how big it really is, so I am including one that shows its full height. You MUST ignore the clutter around it!!!

This cute lamp is from the same shop in Livingston. It is a a little French boy. Sounds weird, but I promise, it is sooo cute!! This picture does NOT do it justice! It is on my entry way table next to a huge old window that is painted in one of my VERY favorite colors, a soft greenish blue color. That is the next picture...and of course, the picture does not do it justice (as usual).
This was an old grandfather clock that did not work. So I painted and distressed it and then put some dried flowers in the top. It also sits in my entry way.
Okay, enough blabbing! I am going to throw in a few last pictures just for fun...

Happy Junking!!

In Him,


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