Friday, July 2, 2010

2nd Junkin Trip

Hello again! I just wanted to show you a few pictures of the goodies that I got on my last junkin trip. This place was amazing!! It did not look like much, but when I walked in the door my heart skipped a beat (or two or three). So many things to look at!!! Where to start??? But I stook my usual routine and headed to the right side of the store. I immediately saw several things that I HAD to have!! :) But I did narrow it all down to one truck load! I already had a dresser in the back of the truck when I got there or I would have brought home more stuff!! Here are the goods...

This is the whole load. Everything in the picture!!!
This is just a little closer so that you see all the incredible goodness!!!
Look at the massive jar sitting on the floor. LOVE IT!! And the baskets and the plate and the whole shabby shelf itself. It is going to be so cute with some baskets in it! So YUMMY!!!

Here is a close-up of the tall basket and metal shelf.

This is a little hand held mirror with a scene of a little girl on it. It is so sweet and Emery (my 3 year old daughter) loves it!

I have no idea what this little metal bowl is for, but I loved that it was painted white! And I love all different kinds of plates, so the sweet one with flowers was a must!

Well, that's all for now!! Happy Junkin!! Tomorrow I will post some pictures of some furniture pieces that will be painted soon. Night!!

In Him,