Thursday, July 1, 2010

Entry Way Mini Make-Over

Hey Everyone!! I'm sorry I haven't written in so long. It has been a crazy week!! But I did manage to get in a little junking!! Shocked?? Last Saturday I went to this Mini Design Flea with my friend Allison (she is an amazing photographer!! Check her out at ). It was sooooo cool!!! It was put on by Linsey at LLH Designs and a couple of other fabulous ladies. Check out Linsey's blog at to see some pictures. Anyway, I got several VERY cute things and I wanted to show you what I did with a few of them. I bought a wire trash can, an old bottle, a tea towel that has some sort of map on it, a print of a Paris map, and a small gold ornate frame. I used the wire trash can and the old bottle to spruce up my entry way. Here is the before picture...Not terrible, but a little boring. When I saw the wire trash can, I knew I had to have it, but I didn't know what I would use it for. (I LOVE wire baskets! They add great texture to a space!) So I was standing there with my new wire trash can trying to figure out what to do with it. I couldn't think of anything so I set it down on the dresser in our entry way and went to do something else. When I came back to get it, it was perfectly clear!!

Then I remembered an antique frame that I had gotten at the Woodlands Garage Sale. I brought that in and added the old bottle that I got at the Mini Design Flea and a few other things and it just all came together. And now I LOVE my entry way!!

So cute! Gotta love junkin!! I plan to use the tea towel to cover the seat of this chair if I can make it fit. I will post pictures when it is done. It should be really cute!!

I am planning to frame the print of the Paris map, but not sure where to hang it. And the really cute gold ornate frame broke on the way home. Ugh!! Hopefully I can glue it back together. Well, those are my treasures from that junkin trip. But today I went to a junk shop that a friend of mine told me about (THANK YOU, Stephanie!!!). I hate when people use texting slang, but OMG!!!! This place was amazing!! More on that tomorrow, but here is a sneak peak...

More tomorrow!! Have a good night!!

In Him,


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  1. Hi Leslie,

    I love the way your entryway looks ~ your "junk" finds are fabulous. I may need to "hire" you to help with my bedroom makeover.....

    See you soon♥