Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Need Advice!!

Okay people...I need your help!!  We have a few pieces that have been for sale for several weeks and just will not sell!  I need your advice on what to do.  Do we need to repaint them in a different color?  Take better pictures?  Or just keep at it??  Please help!!

#1 - Cream colored Waterfall Dresser with oil rubbed bronze knobs.  I think it is so pretty!!  It is so classic and would provide GREAT storage!!  Here are the pictures that we have listed for it...Does it need better (staged) pictures??

#2 Cream Colored Bookshelf  - This is painted the same color as the Waterfall Dresser and is also distressed.  We used it in our bedroom to hold the TV along with all of the components and DVDs, etc.  Any suggestions???

#3 Aqua Antique Secretary Desk - Okay, I REALLY don't understand this one.  I think it so adorable!

#4 White Distressed Dresser - Another one I really don't get.  We have done several larger white dressers like this and they usually sold pretty quickly.  I don't get why this one won't sell.  It is in great condition and has been painted and distressed.  It would make a great TV stand, or buffet, or entry way piece.  Does it need to be a different color?? 
Please don't be afraid to tell me what needs to be changed!!  I really need to move these pieces!!  If you see anything you like, let me know and I will make a deal with you!!!  :)


  1. a. How much for the secretary's table?
    b. How much for the first dresser?

    As far as the why they haven't sold, maybe the asking price is too high?

  2. I don't know, but I have been begging my husband for that secretary desk! I LOVE it!!

  3. I would wonder first if your prices are too high... or too low. I had never thought about it that way until Miss Mustard Seed posted about pricing ~ she said if you price something too low, research shows that people perceive the value to be less. Interesting!
    How do you sell your pieces? I do a lot of craigslist, and have the same issue sometimes... most pieces fly (for which I am so grateful), other pieces sit & sit. If only we had a crystal ball :)
    LOVE the turquoise secretary, if only we lived closer (we're in Atlanta) I might have to make that my own!
    I'm your latest follower!

  4. Hi! I actually saw the links from your Craigslist ads and became a follower :) My initial thoughts are: #1-the knobs look funny from the front view. Maybe if they were painted or one had a tassel or something? Or just a different camera angle?

    I think all of them would be more likely to sell if you had the photos staged as if they were really in your house (like the TV table in your latest blog post). I know I'd probably be less likely to buy a "flipped" furniture item.

    Hope you find some buyers!

  5. I really don't know why they aren't selling! I've learned that with distressing, less is more when I want to sell something. The pieces are fabulous though - like Kathie said, maybe they are priced too low/too high?

  6. I think they are all so cute! Who knows? I have a piece I'm trying to sell right now and wonder the same thing. :)

  7. I absolutely LOVE THIS DRESSER ....with the mirror, chair and standing shelf as seen on craigslist....please let me know if it is still available!!